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Unleash Your Roo

with our Kanga Bounce, Kanga Fitness, and Kanga Pro sessions

What We Do

Defy gravity and fly

bounce higher than you ever have done before - explore the skies

What We Do

RedKangaroo Trampoline Parks

We’re here to put a spring in your step at our UK trampoline parks – because we’re serious about fun, and seriously ambitious. Our amazing trampoline parks offer non-stop excitement with range of classes – from the full-on Kanga Bounce to Kanga Fitness classes, Kanga Pro, Kanga Nightlife; plus sessions for tots (Kanga Toddlers) and autistic and disabled children (Kanga Calm). Not to mention Kanga Party and Kanga Corporate trampolining sessions.

We believe in the power of trampolining; it makes everyone that tries it feel energised and alive. It’s such beneficial exercise that we want people of all ages and abilities to make it part of their healthy lifestyle. That's why we strive to create the best trampoline parks in the UK.

Above all, our trampoline parks offer a great day out for the family. Trampolining is a perfect way to keep fit and have fun with a smile on your face! Prepare to put a spring in your step!


What We Do

Kanga Party Trampolining

Have the party of a lifetime defying gravity.

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Kanga Toddlers Trampolining

Under 5's very own time to bounce

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Kanga Family Trampolining

Sessions for young families to bounce together, open for children aged 2 - 12. Any under 5's must be accompanied by an adult on the trampoline.

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Kanga Calm Trampolining

Unwind and destress with our Kanga Calm relaxing trampolining sessions.

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Kanga Fitness Trampolining

Bounce yourself fit with our Kanga Fitness sessions

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Kanga Corporate Trampolining

Want to challenge your workmates and show your boss who is boss?

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