Bounce back into the swing of school


Back to school

Bounce back into the swing of school

During summer break, kids’ brains are still learning and working hard but the type of learning and focus is quite different than in a classroom.

Help your kids switch their brains back to classroom learning by following these simple rules:

Stop that screentime

Turn off the electronics! Teachers can’t move or entertain like video games and movies can, Kids’ brains need some time to slow down and adapt to a learning environment based on human interactions, rather than screen interactions.

Open more books. Books provide exposure to vocabulary, information, and different processing skills than TV or electronics do. Read to your child each day, even if it’s the newspaper or comics, and take your child to the library so they can find books they are interested in to read over the summer.

Practice math basics. More kids nowadays lose their basic math skills and have to re-learn them every year. There are many affordable math practice books available in stores or websites that provide free math drills and worksheets. Have your child complete just one page of these a day, or better yet, incorporate addition, subtraction, multiplication and division into card or board games that can be played by the entire family!

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Arrange a play date

If your child is heading into a new school, there may well be a lot of new faces on their first day. If you know of friends whose children are attending the same school, arrange a play date so they have some buddies waiting for them at the school gate.

Although it’s already no doubt been a summer of fun for the kids, make sure they have plenty of physical activity in the lead up to the school return. If they have become a little more sedentary towards the back end of the holidays try to inject an hour or so of activity into their days, this will help to replicate their school break times.

We’re not quite in back to school mode yet so there’s still time to head to one of our Red Kangaroo Trampoline parks to entertain the children and have a great day out, burn off some energy and make new friends.

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