Food and Drink

Enhance your visit at Cafe Roo

To bounce as big as a red kangaroo, it's important to make sure you keep your energy levels up. Whether you're looking for a mid-bounce snack, somewhere to relax over coffee and cake or for a home-baked pizza and slush treat, Café Roo is there to fill even the biggest of appetites. Serving hot and cold food and a range of thirst quenching drinks, we have created a relaxed and comfortable café seating area where you can keep an eye on your little ones from the mezzanine or find somewhere quieter for a bite to eat after your bounce. 

Kids Box Deal: Sandwich (Ham, Cheese or Jam), Strawberry Yoghurt, Raisins, Milky Way, Drinks Carton or Water. £3.95

Pizza Meal Deal: 2 slices of home-baked pizza (margherita or pepperoni), hot drink or water or a small slush. £4.50

Family Pizza deal: One large home-baked pizza (margherita or pepperoni) and any two drinks (hot drink or bottle of water or small slush). £12


For a sample menu click here A full menu is available on the day. 

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