Groups of 10+

FREE RedKangaroo Trampoline socks for Groups of 10+

and 10% discount for groups of 25+

Real Roo's bounce together

We believe that bouncing is always better when you bounce together.

So gather up your friends, family or colleagues and book as a group and we’ll give you FREE RedKangaroo Trampoline socks (worth £2 a pair) for groups of 10+ and a massive 10% discount on your booking for groups of 25+. Group discounts are not applicable to party packages. 

Perfect family fun for all ages and abilities, you’ll love a day at RedKangaroo. With group rates available for 10+ people, and each session able to host up to 150 people (120 at Reading).

You can even pre-book food and drinks to make your visit hassle-free, knowing that our experienced, fully-trained (and First Aid certified) staff are always close at hand to help you motivate, enthuse and support your group so that everyone has an incredible time.

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