Happy Hour

Bounce away any post-school blues with RedKangaroo

The ideal after school treat

Here at RedKangaroo, we know that as soon as the school bell rings at the end of the day, kids from all over the area want to get up, get active and have fun. That’s why we’ve created an extra special Happy Hour as a post-school treat for everyone aged 4+. 

This is the perfect way to burn off any post-school energy before dinner (don’t forget we serve delicious home-baked pizzas at Cafe Roo) and a chance for YOU to bounce away any post-work or pent-up blues too.

It’s just our little way of trying to help out all the busy grown-ups out there with a fast, fun and fab way to give your kids and yourself an early evening treat. Don’t miss out. 

Please note. Happy Hours are available on Monday-Thursday, term time only.  View the individual Park pages for times and prices.

*Price does not include mandatory RedKangaroo socks.