Mega Bounce

3-hour bounce + FREE Polar Krush

for just £9.95*

Discounted bouncing between 4pm - 7pm

Enjoy a three hour discounted bounce and a

FREE Polar Krush slush for just £9.95*

About the Mega Bounce offer:

Our popular after-school Mega Bounce session is back this Autumn, even longer, more flexible and better value than before.

Following feedback from you, our customers, the Happy Hour offer is now a 3-hour drop-in session between 4pm-7pm, Monday to Thursday during term time  (excludes school holidays), meaning that the battle against the after-school traffic to make the start of the session is a thing of the past. You can drop-in any time between 4pm and 7pm for just £9.95*. What’s more, every bouncer gets a free Polar Krush slush to keep them super-cool and hydrated.

This is the perfect way to burn off any post-school energy before dinner (don’t forget our home-baked pizza meal deals at Kanga Bites Diner) and a chance for YOU to bounce away any post-work or pent-up blues too.

It’s just our little way of trying to help all the busy grown-ups out there with a fast, fun and fab way to give your kids and yourself an early evening treat. Don’t miss out. 

[2 Column Text and Media Block] About the Mega Bounce offer:

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Following reports that sometimes mums and dads can't beat the post-school traffic to make it for the 4pm bounce, we've listened and taken action to allow you to turn up at any time during that three hours, giving your hardworking little ones the chance to burn off any remaining post-school energy.

Ready to put your feet up and and book your Mega Bounce?

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Coventry Mega Bounce not available while the park is closed

*Price does not include mandatory RedKangaroo socks. 

*Reading £11.95 and Nottingham £9.95

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