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Each of our awesome trampoline parks is created with fun in mind. But we've got way more than just trampolines to keep you busy. Read on for just some of the epic features which will keep you bouncing back to us, time and again. Do check out the virtual tours on the links below.

Reading Tour       Nottingham Tour       Coventry Tour

Total Wipeout Zone

A feature for the slightly older Roos, the Total Wipeout Zone is not for the faint-hearted. One of our most popular activities, players have to leap over and duck under the revolving sweeper arms while staying balanced on their respective podium, until the last person standing is deemed the winner. Good luck!

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Ninja Warrior Course

We’re sure you’re familiar with the famous TV show, now get ready to be crowned the ultimate ninja warrior yourself by taking on the mega challenge of the RedKangaroo Ninja Warrior course! Featuring swinging doors to clamber through, hanging platforms, foam filled cargo bags, climbing walls, foam pits and more. Are you brave enough? Please note our Ninja Warrior features vary at each park. 

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Freestyle Courts

Bounce bigger than ever before on our freestyle trampoline court, which is jam-packed with super-size, super-bouncy trampolines of all sizes and shapes. Whatever your age or ability, we are sure you’ll have plenty of fun as you bounce between trampolines, practice your flips and tricks and leap over our vaulting platforms. Happy bouncing!

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Giant Airbag

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to leap from great height into a giant pillow? Wonder no more as our giant airbag gives you the chance to do just that! Leap from our towering platform or bounce from one of the trampolines into our airbag, for a super-soft landing. You'll love it!

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Gladiator Battle Beams

Pugil sticks at the ready! Battle it out on a precarious balance beam against your favourite friend or foe. Who will knock off who into the foam pit below, and be the champion of the battle beam? A big favourite for fans of TV's Gladiators during the noughties!

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Foam Pits

What's not to love about leaping large into a sea of foam? The perfect landing for any big bounce. Our foam pits feature epic gladiator beams for the ultimate battle, launch pad trampolines to give you air and angled trampolines to spring off. Don't get too comfortable!

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Dodgeball Court

Round up your troop and do battle on the ultimate team game, dodgeball! Think the awesome Ben Stiller movie, but with added trampolines. Remember to use the power of the trampoline to dodge as many balls as you can!

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Slam Dunk Zone

Fancy yourself as the trampoline-world's LeBron? Shoot some hoops in our Slam Dunk Zone as you bounce as high as you can to score the ultimate slam dunk. Challenge your friends or family to see who can get the most air and do the best dunk.

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Tumble Track

Perfect for bouncers who are looking to practice their flips and build their bouncing skills, our 21-metre tumble tracks give you plenty of space to leap larger and LONGER than ever.

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Soft Play Park (Coventry only)

Get ready to explore, learn and most importantly, have fun at our Soft Play park at RedKangaroo Coventry only. Specially created just for children aged 0-8 years old, families of all ages can enjoy the park together. Includes a baby play area, physio ball canyon, log ramp climb, large crawl tub, dizzy disk twister, spider web, vertical roller squeeze, cube floor plus much more!

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There's loads more too...

There really is so much to enjoy in each park - we haven't even mentioned the Aeroball and Footie Shoot Out games at Coventry, Walk the Wall trampolines at Reading and Nottingham, Spirals Slides, Reaction Walls or Hurricane Machines. At RedKangaroo, we really are much more than just a trampoline park!

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