Soothe your senses with our relaxing trampoline experience 

Unwind with a bounce

Kanga Calm sessions have been specially created for Roos who prefer a quieter and more relaxed environment. Perfect for bouncers with sensory needs, autism, anxiety or any other needs and requirements. During this session, the music is turned down, coloured lights are turned off and a relaxing environment is encouraged so everyone can enjoy a bounce at their own pace. Ideal for adults and children alike, Kanga Calm gives bouncers the perfect opportunity to unwind and destress. 

Carers who are not bouncing independently but assisting a child or adult are free but must wear RedKangaroo socks. Kanga Calm sessions are suitable for ages 2+, with no upper age limit on the session. Please view our park timetables to see the times for these sessions. 

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