KANGA Family 

Round up your troop for a bounce session for all the family

Real Roo’s bounce together

If you’ve got children ages 2-12 years - this is the session for you. 

Whether you want to get your bounce on, or are happier sitting back and enjoying the fun with a coffee and some cake in Cafe Roo, this age-restricted session boots out the teenagers so that your little ones can roam free. 

Children aged under 4 must be accompanied by a supervising adult on the trampolines (with one adult free per tot, all you need is to buy a pair of RedKangaroo socks). For older kids (4 - 12), you’ll need a full Kanga Family ticket for every adult - but you’ve really got to give it a go.  

So bring your laptop, or sit and check out your social media if you must - but Kanga Family is best if you fill your locker with all of this and get bouncing. 

Please note that some of our trampolining activities are height or age restricted.