Kanga Fitness - returning in 2019

Get fit... the fun way! 

Kanga Fit classes - returning in 2019

Kanga Fitness is the ultimate way to stay fit. These trampolining fitness sessions have been designed to work your body in ways you never knew existed. Classes are for anyone aged 16 years and over, looking for a fun, dynamic way for anyone to get fit (all abilities welcome). Our Classes are 45 to 60 minutes, feature similar moves as normal gym classes (like lunges and jumping jacks) – but on a trampoline. The repetition of the jump action – which, in turn, helps your musculoskeletal system build up and improves bone mineral content. With the trampoline absorbing 80% of the shock, it’s much easier on your joints and ideal for people recovering from injuries

Please view the park timetables to view when the classes run for each park. 

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