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Corporate Trampolining: On the Up!

Here’s the deal… Put a bit more bounce into your corporate team’s morale with a session of pure bouncing bliss. After all, we reckon there’s nothing better for putting a few smiles on faces and bonding over the inability to master a seat drop!

Not only is it a more original choice than the tired old option of a restaurant/pub but a corporate session here with us will get your colleagues fit and healthy too. So it’s really no wonder that trampolining is fast becoming one of the big trends in corporate events.

So talk to us about booking a Kanga Corporate trampolining session today – it’s a totally uplifting experience!

Our top 6 benefits:

  1. Health & wellbeing – Booking a session with us proves to your colleagues that you care about their physical well-being. Because jumping on a trampoline burns more calories than most sports and tones muscles you don’t know you have, according to experts like NASA!

  2. Total fun For everyone – Adults are just big kids – so they love the thrill of weightlessness too! It doesn’t matter what your physical fitness level, you can still participate and enjoy trampoline activities.

  3. Dodgeball madness – We’ll help you arrange dodgeball games, either as corporate teams or against each other. It can get very competitive!

  4. No weather worries – Everything here at RedKangaroo is indoors so this is an all-year, all-weather option.
  5. Affordable – Arranging your corporate event at a RedKangaroo park is a very affordable option – so you get maximum fun and enjoyment for a relatively low outlay.

  6. So simple to arrange – We’ll take over the admin in terms of organising and planning your session which allows you to just relax and enjoy!

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Show your boss who is boss with one of our Kanga Corporate trampolining sessions. Improve the health and nature of your team.

Strengthen your team bonds with a group trampolining session.

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