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Enjoy the benefits of rebound therapy at Kanga Calm

Did you realise that trampolining (also known as rebound therapy) has been proved to be highly beneficial for both autistic children and those with special needs? That’s why we’re delighted to run our Kanga Calm sessions which involve all the bounce but none of the noise.

Among the many benefits are relaxation, muscle toning and increased coordination– plus greater confidence with a real sense of achievement and gentle social interaction. Trampolining can be a wonderful way of breaking free of everyday restrictions.

Not surprisingly, this kind of exercise is now growing in popularity in special education programmes around the country. And we’re proud to offer these important sessions here at RedKangaroo.

The best relaxing trampolining session in town!

Roo’s recommendation…

“Even jumping on a trampoline for just five minutes can help balance mood and release endorphins to make you feel more at ease – join us and give it a go!”

Top 5 ways that trampolining can help Autistic Children:

  1. Social skills – By playing games, singing songs, clapping or counting, this helps autistic children to interact with others and the world around them.

  2. Motor skills – Research has shown that children with autism find it difficult to control their actions, but trampolining integrates their actions into one simple movement. So they become more aware of how their body moves. 

  3. Sensory skills – Because children with autism are prone to feelings of anxiety and can become overwhelmed quickly, Kanga Calm sessions can help relieve some of those hidden feelings while they release energy in a positive way and express themselves within a safe place.

  4. Engagement – By combining intellectual development with the sheer joy of bouncing, this can be an opportunity to interact and engage with your child on a more personal level.

  5. A safe environment – Our trampolines feature all the safety features you’d expect – so these are the perfect spaces to let children express themselves freely.

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